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Timerange Institution Type of Institution Short Links Edit link
Khristenko, ViktorViugin, Oleg Khristenko, ViktorViugin, Oleg 1997-1998 Минфин Ministerien
Chubais, AnatoliViugin, Oleg Chubais, AnatoliViugin, Oleg 1997-1997 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiViugin, Oleg Dvorkovich, ArkadiViugin, Oleg 1994-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Golikova, TatianaViugin, Oleg Golikova, TatianaViugin, Oleg 1992-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Ignatyev, SergeyViugin, Oleg Ignatyev, SergeyViugin, Oleg 1997-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Kudrin, AlexeyViugin, Oleg Kudrin, AlexeyViugin, Oleg 1998-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Zubkov, ViktorViugin, Oleg Zubkov, ViktorViugin, Oleg 1999-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Artiukhov, VitaliViugin, Oleg Artiukhov, VitaliViugin, Oleg 1995-1995 Минфин Ministerien
Kasianov, MikhailViugin, Oleg Kasianov, MikhailViugin, Oleg 1996-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Kazmin, AndreyViugin, Oleg Kazmin, AndreyViugin, Oleg 1993-1996 Минфин Ministerien
Pochinok, AlexanderViugin, Oleg Pochinok, AlexanderViugin, Oleg 1994-1994 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonViugin, Oleg Siluanov, AntonViugin, Oleg 1992-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiKazmin, Andrey Dvorkovich, ArkadiKazmin, Andrey 1994-1996 Минфин Ministerien
Golikova, TatianaKazmin, Andrey Golikova, TatianaKazmin, Andrey 1993-1996 Минфин Ministerien
Khristenko, ViktorKasianov, Mikhail Khristenko, ViktorKasianov, Mikhail 1997-1998 Минфин Ministerien
Chubais, AnatoliKasianov, Mikhail Chubais, AnatoliKasianov, Mikhail 1997-1997 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiKasianov, Mikhail Dvorkovich, ArkadiKasianov, Mikhail 1996-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiPochinok, Alexander Dvorkovich, ArkadiPochinok, Alexander 1994-1994 Минфин Ministerien
Golikova, TatianaPochinok, Alexander Golikova, TatianaPochinok, Alexander 1994-1994 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiArtiukhov, Vitali Dvorkovich, ArkadiArtiukhov, Vitali 1995-1995 Минфин Ministerien
Golikova, TatianaArtiukhov, Vitali Golikova, TatianaArtiukhov, Vitali 1995-1995 Минфин Ministerien
Khristenko, ViktorIgnatyev, Sergey Khristenko, ViktorIgnatyev, Sergey 1997-1998 Минфин Ministerien
Chubais, AnatoliIgnatyev, Sergey Chubais, AnatoliIgnatyev, Sergey 1997-1997 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiIgnatyev, Sergey Dvorkovich, ArkadiIgnatyev, Sergey 1997-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Golikova, TatianaKasianov, Mikhail Golikova, TatianaKasianov, Mikhail 1996-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Artiukhov, VitaliKazmin, Andrey Artiukhov, VitaliKazmin, Andrey 1995-1995 Минфин Ministerien
Kasianov, MikhailKazmin, Andrey Kasianov, MikhailKazmin, Andrey 1996-1996 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiZubkov, Viktor Dvorkovich, ArkadiZubkov, Viktor 1999-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Khristenko, ViktorChubais, Anatoli Khristenko, ViktorChubais, Anatoli 1997-1997 Минфин Ministerien
Golikova, TatianaIgnatyev, Sergey Golikova, TatianaIgnatyev, Sergey 1997-2002 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiKhristenko, Viktor Dvorkovich, ArkadiKhristenko, Viktor 1997-1998 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiChubais, Anatoli Dvorkovich, ArkadiChubais, Anatoli 1997-1997 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiGolikova, Tatiana Dvorkovich, ArkadiGolikova, Tatiana 1994-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiKudrin, Alexey Dvorkovich, ArkadiKudrin, Alexey 1998-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Dvorkovich, ArkadiSiluanov, Anton Dvorkovich, ArkadiSiluanov, Anton 1994-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Kudrin, AlexeyKhristenko, Viktor Kudrin, AlexeyKhristenko, Viktor 1998-1998 Минфин Ministerien
Kudrin, AlexeyGolikova, Tatiana Kudrin, AlexeyGolikova, Tatiana 1998-2007 Минфин Ministerien
Kudrin, AlexeyIgnatyev, Sergey Kudrin, AlexeyIgnatyev, Sergey 1998-2002 Минфин Ministerien
Kudrin, AlexeyUliukaev, Alexey Kudrin, AlexeyUliukaev, Alexey 2000-2004 Минфин Ministerien
Kudrin, AlexeyZubkov, Viktor Kudrin, AlexeyZubkov, Viktor 1999-2007 Минфин Ministerien
Kudrin, AlexeyKasianov, Mikhail Kudrin, AlexeyKasianov, Mikhail 1998-1999 Минфин Ministerien
Kudrin, AlexeySiluanov, Anton Kudrin, AlexeySiluanov, Anton 1998-2011 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonKhristenko, Viktor Siluanov, AntonKhristenko, Viktor 1997-1998 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonChubais, Anatoli Siluanov, AntonChubais, Anatoli 1997-1997 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonGolikova, Tatiana Siluanov, AntonGolikova, Tatiana 1991-2007 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonIgnatyev, Sergey Siluanov, AntonIgnatyev, Sergey 1997-2002 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonUliukaev, Alexey Siluanov, AntonUliukaev, Alexey 2000-2004 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonZubkov, Viktor Siluanov, AntonZubkov, Viktor 1999-2007 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonArtiukhov, Vitali Siluanov, AntonArtiukhov, Vitali 1995-1995 Минфин Ministerien
Siluanov, AntonKasianov, Mikhail Siluanov, AntonKasianov, Mikhail 1996-1999 Минфин Ministerien


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