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Timerange Institution Type of Institution Short Links Edit link
Abramov AlexanderGerasimov, Valery Abramov AlexanderGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Kvashnin, AnatoliyGerasimov, Valery Kvashnin, AnatoliyGerasimov, Valery 2011-2011 Kremlin Kreml
Levitin, IgorGerasimov, Valery Levitin, IgorGerasimov, Valery 2012-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Lukin, VladimirGerasimov, Valery Lukin, VladimirGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Makarov, NikolaiGerasimov, Valery Makarov, NikolaiGerasimov, Valery 2011-2012 Kremlin Kreml
Medvedev, DmitryGerasimov, Valery Medvedev, DmitryGerasimov, Valery 2011-2012 Kremlin Kreml
Morozov, OlegGerasimov, Valery Morozov, OlegGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Putin, VladimirGerasimov, Valery Putin, VladimirGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Sechin, IgorGerasimov, Valery Sechin, IgorGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Surkov, VladislavGerasimov, Valery Surkov, VladislavGerasimov, Valery 2011-2011 Kremlin Kreml
Timakova, NataliaGerasimov, Valery Timakova, NataliaGerasimov, Valery 2011-2012 Kremlin Kreml
Ustinov, VladimirGerasimov, Valery Ustinov, VladimirGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Volodin, ViacheslavGerasimov, Valery Volodin, ViacheslavGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Churov, VladimirGerasimov, Valery Churov, VladimirGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Rogosin, DmitryGerasimov, Valery Rogosin, DmitryGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Murov, YevgeniyGerasimov, Valery Murov, YevgeniyGerasimov, Valery 2011-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Abramov AlexanderMurov, Yevgeniy Abramov AlexanderMurov, Yevgeniy 2008-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Chloponin, AlexanderMurov, Yevgeniy Chloponin, AlexanderMurov, Yevgeniy 2010-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Gordeyev, AlexeyMurov, Yevgeniy Gordeyev, AlexeyMurov, Yevgeniy 2010-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Gromov, BorisMurov, Yevgeniy Gromov, BorisMurov, Yevgeniy 2010-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Kiriyenko, SergeyMurov, Yevgeniy Kiriyenko, SergeyMurov, Yevgeniy 2000-2005 Kremlin Kreml
Konovalov, AlexanderMurov, Yevgeniy Konovalov, AlexanderMurov, Yevgeniy 2006-2008 Kremlin Kreml
Kozak, DmitryMurov, Yevgeniy Kozak, DmitryMurov, Yevgeniy 2005-2007 Kremlin Kreml
Kvashnin, AnatoliyMurov, Yevgeniy Kvashnin, AnatoliyMurov, Yevgeniy 2005-2011 Kremlin Kreml
Levitin, IgorMurov, Yevgeniy Levitin, IgorMurov, Yevgeniy 2012-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Lukin, VladimirMurov, Yevgeniy Lukin, VladimirMurov, Yevgeniy 2004-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Makarov, NikolaiMurov, Yevgeniy Makarov, NikolaiMurov, Yevgeniy 2007-2012 Kremlin Kreml
Matviyenko, ValentinaMurov, Yevgeniy Matviyenko, ValentinaMurov, Yevgeniy 2003-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Medvedev, DmitryMurov, Yevgeniy Medvedev, DmitryMurov, Yevgeniy 2008-2012 Kremlin Kreml
Morozov, OlegMurov, Yevgeniy Morozov, OlegMurov, Yevgeniy 2005-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Poltavchnko, GeorgiMurov, Yevgeniy Poltavchnko, GeorgiMurov, Yevgeniy 2000-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Putin, VladimirMurov, Yevgeniy Putin, VladimirMurov, Yevgeniy 2000-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Rapota, GrigoriMurov, Yevgeniy Rapota, GrigoriMurov, Yevgeniy 2008-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Sechin, IgorMurov, Yevgeniy Sechin, IgorMurov, Yevgeniy 2004-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Serdiukov, AnatoliMurov, Yevgeniy Serdiukov, AnatoliMurov, Yevgeniy 2010-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Sobianin, SergeyMurov, Yevgeniy Sobianin, SergeyMurov, Yevgeniy 2010-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Surkov, VladislavMurov, Yevgeniy Surkov, VladislavMurov, Yevgeniy 2000-2011 Kremlin Kreml
Timakova, NataliaMurov, Yevgeniy Timakova, NataliaMurov, Yevgeniy 2008-2012 Kremlin Kreml
Tkachev, AlexanderMurov, Yevgeniy Tkachev, AlexanderMurov, Yevgeniy 2010-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Tuleev, Aman-geldyMurov, Yevgeniy Tuleev, Aman-geldyMurov, Yevgeniy 2010-2010 Kremlin Kreml
Ustinov, VladimirMurov, Yevgeniy Ustinov, VladimirMurov, Yevgeniy 2008-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Vinnichenko, NikolaiMurov, Yevgeniy Vinnichenko, NikolaiMurov, Yevgeniy 2001-2002 Kremlin Kreml
Volodin, ViacheslavMurov, Yevgeniy Volodin, ViacheslavMurov, Yevgeniy 2010-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Churov, VladimirMurov, Yevgeniy Churov, VladimirMurov, Yevgeniy 2007-2013 Kremlin Kreml
Drachevski, Leonid VadimovichMurov, Yevgeniy Drachevski, Leonid VadimovichMurov, Yevgeniy 2001-2004 Kremlin Kreml
Illarionov, AndreyMurov, Yevgeniy Illarionov, AndreyMurov, Yevgeniy 2000-2005 Kremlin Kreml
Iskhakov, KamilMurov, Yevgeniy Iskhakov, KamilMurov, Yevgeniy 2005-2007 Kremlin Kreml
Kaliuzhny, ViktorMurov, Yevgeniy Kaliuzhny, ViktorMurov, Yevgeniy 2000-2003 Kremlin Kreml
Kazantsev, ViktorMurov, Yevgeniy Kazantsev, ViktorMurov, Yevgeniy 2000-2003 Kremlin Kreml
Rogosin, DmitryMurov, Yevgeniy Rogosin, DmitryMurov, Yevgeniy 2002-2003 Kremlin Kreml


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