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This Result List shows Persons. These List is filtered by various filters. If You got here, by searching for a certain search-term or a phrase, You should know, that this Result List shows any apperarence of the Term or Phrase, e.g. a connected Person or a Institution, while the appearance of the Term or Phrase in the Title has 10 times more weight then any appearance anywhere else. Sorting is ruled by importance (weight) and quantity.
Clicking one of the Title-Links of the result keeps You on the current page, but activates the filter "Persons". In addition a block with the Datas of the List-Item is shown. In this case You can understand the Result list below the Person-Datas as the list of connected Persons. This list can further be drilled down by any other available filter

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Guryev, Andrey

Совфед, комитет по делам молодежи и спорту 2002- 2004 Deputat Sovfed ru москв Connections

Turchak, Andrei

Совфед, комитет по делам молодежи и спорту 2007- 2009 Deputat Sovfed ru москв Connections

Mutko, Vitali

Совфед, комитет по делам молодежи и спорту 2004- 2008 Deputat Sovfed ru москв Connections
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